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Spinning ANDOR



Contact : Sylvain CANTALOUBE

Localisation : IBCG


ANDOR Spinning Disk, coupled with two EM-CCD cameras, allows to manage fast confocal video-microscopy. Ideal for yeast or superior eukaryote cells, this microscope has a Tucam system for simultaneous two-channels acquisitions.

Specification :

Microscope: Olympus IX81 - Inverted
Spinning Disk Head: CSU 22 Yokogawa
Lasers illumination: 445, 488, 515 & 561nm
Detection: 2 Cameras EM-CCD DU 88E COO (ANDOR) – Adaptator Tucam (ANDOR)
Objectives: Plan Apo 60X (NA 1.42) & Plan Apo 100X (NA 1.4)
Environmental control: Thermostated chamber and CO2 controller
Stage: Motorized stage and piezo insert
Acquisition software : IQ2

Advanced specifications

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